AT this time i want to share . Share my happiness , discovery , embarrassment , pain or surprise !  I  just want to tell YOU I`ve been there and i`ve done that !!!

2005 . Middle of May . “ This is ridiculous .. Where are you planning to stay? With what  money?  “

I arrived at train the station in the afternoon , i was scared , the crowds were massive in there , everyone was pushing me , the pickle jar in my bag was damaged and it started leaking all over my clothes in bag  .
Strong push from the back clearly showed me that i was far away from home ...

 2 months later i was on a train , holding my ticket in my shaky hand for the conductor ... My luggage , half broken blue bag ,was under my seat with my feet in front of it . I was worried that someone would steal it .

I started a journey of a lifetime  in that train .. For everyone else it was just another ride from work , a trip to see the parents , stuff transfer or simply a holiday , but for me it was the first time going away .

  I  never felt more  uncomfortable in my life until that moment . It felt like there is a big “make up” stain on my face or shit on my jacket . My jeans were too short and my “cool “ new runners were no longer  “cool “ in here ..

Chose country of interest and follow my travels ..

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