Yesterday i was working evening shift in work and as usual had chat with everyone who came in there . Around 6 in evening good looking guy came in . As we had small talk i discoverer that he is from New York and have relatives all around the world . He is big family person . He is in his late 20`s ...but the main fact about him is that he is Gay . Just like that .In middle of conversation he just put in the table .. : " See that guy who just left - He is my boyfriend .. " 20 sec. silent time from my side - Just to make some calculations .. And " Ding dong " it all makes sense now ..

  This was my first eye to eye experience like that .. And honestly it felt great .. Few minutes after discovery I was confused and did not know how to act around him ,but You know what it simple .. The same as around every one else .  And let me tell you this ...He had this spark .. Can not even explain it .. I think you can call it happiness .. He had it all ! Love , money , life, health , family ..

 And some of us are looking for it all our life, and at the and we just make sense that we don't have it just because we stubborn .. We believe that out there is something better and we don't want to admit reality ..

  And as a result .. I had great chat with this guy for around an hour .. And he went home to see his boyfriend ...

Ok then .. Still about this subject .. I have been collecting a little info ..And had chat with some people about this subject .. And here i have to mention Lesbians too .. 

Yesterday i was standing outside with my male friend  .. And i mentioned that i write a post about this guy i met who is gay ! My male friend had very strong opinion . That he have nothing against gay`s , but the same time they are not the best buddies for him . But then he said something else .. : But i love lesbians .. " .. That made me wonder , because lesbians are still Gay .  What is so different about gays in female skin or male ..   Of course guys love hot girls , but what is it .. Is it candy for their eyes .. or males just think

that they can still get them .. Or opposite , the fact that they can never have them .. 

Simply makes me think ... And how can you tell difference .. Who is gay and who is not .. Is it from clothes, style, speech, voice, skin colour, eye colour ? 

Friend opinions variate in this question , but more or less people settle for clothing style .. 

Stereotype is that female gay will dress - boy style , and male gay will dress girl y .. but is that always true .. lets take me for a sample .. I like to wear sweaters , jeans, runners and go out .. simple and comfy , but does that mean that stranger on street will consider me as gay .. 

Or if male like`s pink shirt - does that makes him gay ..

Will keep wonder and ask questions .. 

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