Ok here it is .. I was late today for work .

What happened?Hmm ..  More or less i had relaxing evening yesterday , but that did not help at all .. My phone battery died and result from that was that was not hearing alarm at all .. Sad as i was late and now beating myself up , but now i wonder - how to avoid this . Possibly maybe by getting second alarm .. or maybe taking more

vitamins .. or maybe not sleeping at all .. or asking house mates to wake me up every morning .. that's all options i have .. 

Not sure how to deal with this , but i think i need to give more thought to it .. 

Maybe someone have some brilliant ideas .   Just wonder is there any magical movement sensor thing .. Or .. i even don't know .. Just something what have 100 % guaranty to wake me up ..

Damn ..

This is definitively not the best day i had , but ... OK there is no BUT ...

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