Changes over years.

When i was a child i lived in my home country in East Europe . I grow up in very small village . There i was speaking 1 language . Money we had in home seemed ok and no one travelled . Maximum distance from home was around 200 km and still in evening we were home , But then EU hit in and everything changed . Young people started to travel   more often . At first you could go abroad and do some farm work and stay there for few months , there was no need for language skills or any knowledge .. AS long as you could work – you could stay .Money was good , but that was an option to get out of depths. Usually from families father or mother was going away from home for several months to help their family . Lots of them had big families and they just stayed without seeing them for months or even years ..

    Then in market started to open cleaning and waitressing works and soon after that all kinds of vacancies abroad . Then just was a boom to go and explore world and people left their homes and loved ones to earn something .

    At the same time started internships, work experiences , work placements in Europe and this is the best opportunity for young people . For several months you can go to other country , work there, live there, get to know culture, learn language .

These are good days !

I took these chances and travelled and i discovered that in Europe that is normal for people to speak minimum 3 languages fluent ( very surprising for me at first), That travel is safe and people are kind  ( Unlike you parent, grandparents, daily news are telling to you), that you can meet people from everywhere and you can listen to their experiences ... You can experience so much and more you experience you realize that there still SO much to explore in world ..

Now every time i am home i share my travel stories with family and friend and trying to inspire little ones to learn more and more .

I remember my geography class from 7th grade when my teacher was talking about land in Portugal .She had little bag of ground sample in plastic bag and all of  us was excited to see it ..At that time Portugal seemed impossible, Europe seemed too big , but now i see that with low cost airlines you can be in Portugal over the weekend and see place by yourself – not in geography book ...

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