Hello those who are so bored that decided to read this page .. I have honestly no idea about why i am writing .. just going with flow .. ( Laughing ) .. Em thinking ..

Then lets get down to business .. Today i am talking about charity work .. What , Why , when .. and where ..

I never did any-kind of charity work , but i am ready to start .. I looked at all kinds of companies and still deciding , but seems that there is so many opportunities .. But my question is .. Just why the hell you should pay for it .. ? Just found it wrong . Like i am really up for charity work and ready to squeeze all myself out for it , but not when i need to squeeze extra ½ of thousand euro just for chance to apply

.. And what is even my guarantee that they will answer me .. Don’t sound really Charity to me ..  But i can always be wrong ..  But from other hand there is these street fundraising opportunities and door to door jobs .. I think that this actually is working in the way .. Except those doors .. I don’t think that if you knock to one doors every single day – they will sign up for it .. There is so many companies at those doors already .. Just too much door banging ..  But street thing is alright ..  as in you put someone good looking .. Like hot guy that girls want  to get know and at the end of the day 50 % of signed up got an extra number in their phone ... But as long as it is working ..

   But more or less i think it all is a good cause , but from other hand .. how much from all banging, talking, smiling, distributing, advertising actually gets those real people behind charity ? what do you think ?

 I heard some gossips that small % actually reach to who need that help .. That things that are meant to get to poor are getting to richer in area .. And poor stays in the same place .. That is just sad .. They maybe are just gossips , but how would you know ? This is just madness if you compare sick and poor person and rich person .. The life style , choices , options , chances , family ... They just need to do thing to survive .. Instead of those who do thing just because they have green in their pocket ! What would happen if all people one day would decide to share .. would world get happier place ?


   I think they all have great potential to do great thing , but they just don’t have chance .. And those who have chance , just don’t do anything about it .. We can always hear someone saying if i would be him/her i would .... do this/that... If you never heard it . just wait for it ...

Have good dinner .. Don’t forget to eat some extra portion for those who are starving now ...

   By the way if you decide to do something and help someone ... Go on !!!! Lines are open all the time .. and you can give even a tiny bit .. Important is to try .. You can even give away things what others will greatly appreciate...

This actually changes my start sentences .. I have done charities and just now realized it !! 

I am a part of this ..  And hope you will be too .. 

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