"Dear  Santa ... I have been good this year ..."This is usual thing what you can hear from those tiny ones around you ...

This means only one thing .. Christmas is almost here .. Yes that is right .. Almost here ..


Today` s thing is :Advent wreath... 

Some of us maybe are wondering what is it.. then for those who are , here you go :

The Advent wreath, or Advent crown, is a Christian tradition that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western church. The Advent Wreath is traditionally a Lutheran practice, albeit it has spread to many other Christian denominations.[1][2][3]

It is usually a horizontal evergreen wreath with four candles and often, a fifth, white candle in the center. Beginning with the First Sunday of Advent, the lighting of a candle can be accompanied by a Bible reading and prayers. An additional candle is lit during each subsequent week until, by the last Sunday before Christmas, all four candles are lit. Some Advent wreaths include a fifth, "Christ" candle which can be lit at Christmas. The custom is observed both in family settings and at public church services.


For me .. Em since i was a kid I always remember having one .. This was part of tradition .  At start mom made one and later one i was creating my artwork at the time .. It started from tiny ,circle like , thing with four candles in it and every week one of them was lighted ...I just could not wait to light it ... Then when candles was finished we kept it near tree and just enjoyed moment..

3Now days you can see advent wreath in all kinds of shapes and colors and even number of candles , but either way usage stays the same ... 

And this brings me to point where i tell you about friend who is an artist.She did create all  artwork seen on this post ... And this proofs all kinds of ways you can preset advent wreath ... 


I think this is an beautiful way to present Christmas ..


And last drawing is nothing in relation to Christmas , but i simply like it .. 

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