Hello .. Tonight at this hour i am not at all in mood to sleep and thats why i decided to share my discovery . Around a year ago i went to book store and looked around as usual .. Usually i walk around look at lots and lots of books , but i dont bring any of them home ..

   This time was different ..

I just found this tiny book store .. And there it was .. "The dark tourist " With red letters on book cover ! picture was promising and back of the book sounded brilliant ! And i got it ..

I have read this book 2 times already and always taking it with me .. And now it is starting to travel to my friend .. I thought that book shoved something amazing .. stories from Dom Joly was exciting, funny ( A lot) , interesting and catching ... I could not stop reading .. I as further i in book .. More travel plans it planted in my head !! Oh yes !! I they still do !

 More or less i think that if you are bored and just feel like looking on other side of world .. just pick up his work and read it !!

I did cut out some good parts from book and want to share :

" I looked up Bushehr and it turned out to be site of Iran`s first nuclear power station..."

" Any time of the day or night - like Domino`s Pizza . So , when we want a drink, the code is, " who would like some pizza?" "

" I awaited confirmation that this is where Jesus stayed whenever he was in town or business , but there was only silence "

" this was surreal and i was momentarily offended by her calling me a "big guy" when she looked she`d just eaten a horse pie"

" they liked to cut out the middle man - buy the booze , neck it where they stood and then pass out in the snow on the steps of their apartment block "

                                                                     By Dom Joly from book : " The dark tourist "

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