Everyone wants amazing diving .. Every person going on holiday with diving certification  is always keeping open eye for dive center around ! So question is ... Is there any diving in Nha Trang ? Especially in winter time (October, November ,December , January, February ) .I have to say Yes !! I have done some dives in December in Hon Mun Marine park . It is located 40 minutes from Nha Trang city . Most of dive centers go to dive there .

What is visibility like ?

It really depends of weather , you can get idea by looking at regular forecast , when its raining and is windy then vissibily could only 1-3 m  .  When rain stops for while it starts to get better . It looks like the worst is in December and then from January it only gets better , less rain ! And vissibily could be 4-10 m and then summer coming closer it gets lovely .

What about current , surge ...?

So currents  can be from time to time , but not that strong !  Seems that surface currents are strongest , if you compare to underwater ones ! But it can change ! There is surge often , so be careful  if you do wall dive .

What can i see ?

So underwater is busy .! You can see lots of different species ! More that 350 different ! Staring from snails , Butterfly fish , Parrot fish , Trumpet fish ,

Lion-fish , Stone fish , Frog fish , Nemo`s , Barracudas .. and a lot of different corals ! It really is something - even i low visibility !Just remember never touch anything .. You never know ! Better safe than sorry !

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