This seems like a super popular question around . Easy .

    Before you come to Philippines book your flight Manila -Kalibo .Why not Caticlan? Luggage weight is limited there .And many cases in bad weather it still lands in Kalibo or brings your luggage there and you have to pick it up ! 

   So first arrive to Manila . There you have to go to the other terminal to fly to Kalibo , but in order 

to do that you have to go out of the airport fully . Then go on your right- when out of building and wait in line for the airport bus - which will bring you to other terminal . 3 is what you looking at if flying to Kalibo with Philippine airlines (or partner PAL airlines ).

      If you have no time to wait go for taxis - they are not so expensive . couple of hundreds will get you to the terminal . There at terminal 3 - Go inside (security straight at the door before you walk in the building ) . Then leave you luggage - hours and hours before is fine . So you can hang out near your gate . Cafes inside have internet access . Then head to the plane and in 45min -1 h flight you arrive in Kalibo . No security check or anything just go and take your luggage . 

     Next : you will seemany stands "tourist catchers " for...

transfers to Boracay . You dont need them , just go outside and speak straight to the van drivers and go together with many others who are going to Boracay ! Guaranteed at least one other tourist on the bus , so no problem or worries (I was on my own ).  If i remember right it was like 150p or something like that . Buses are even in night .


  In around an hour you arrive at Caticlan Jetty port !If you are in Day or night there is no problem . Buy all the tickets and off you go . In night time there is a little change . You might have to wait for the boat longer and it might cost a bit more . Filipino staff at jetty port explained that if there is full boat for captain then it will cost normal , but if there are only few people then captain will split boat cost and bring the price up . I paid at 1AM  100p for the boat + other fees (Enviromental and not sure whats the other one ) In total of 200p

  When you arrive in Boracay go to trike rank and pick any . Tell them the place and in no time you will be there ! 

All Filipino are extremely friendly,nice  ad help-full .So its nice to return a favour while you are over there ! Don`t be rude and do not litter on the island ! Its their home and you wouln`t want someone to come and litter at your home ! 

PS.- Its illegal to smoke on the beach 

Have a great trip :)

So here it is ! Your question :"  how to get to Boracay Island   " now is answered !


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