So as i wrote before , around week ago i rented scooter and all by myself i went on traveling .. But .. What if something would happened .. This brings me to new topic : Travel insurance , medical insurance ... all kinds of them out there . 

When i typed in Google : Travel insurance -"About 732,000,000 results came up .. So question is .. How to know which would really save me and which one would just make more trouble .. ???  I had a look in Wikipedia  reading about insurance . There they talk about so many factors that change conditions of insurance . For example - any sickness or history of it ..

.I had travel insurance few times , but at the end i am worried every time - would it really cover me ?? So first  travel insurance i ever got was backpacker travel insurance . If i remember right i paid around 150 euros for

6 months (+ special requirements - scuba diving - deeper than 30 m), but all the way i was still hoping that i would not have to use it .. ! Hoping all the way . 

I found some interesting information about insurance history  ..This information suggests that life insurance was introduced fists time in by Greeks . Hmm .. Im really not sure about that , but it might be true .. I still should do some research on this .  

  There very different info on internet about it .. You can see some horror stories and some amazing fairy tales .. Or just my version ..DO we actually need insurance ? You might wonder why .. 

  So lets get beck to my travel insurance : backpackers .. When i was trying to purchase it they asked me country of residence .. And when i answered i don`t really have one - because im traveling all the time ..At the end they agreed and sorted me out about it ..

Now i am collecting some opinions about insurance :

 S.. (male - UK ) says : " Travel insurance is a must .. Its better to have it then not , but he have never done any claims "

J ..(male -USA ) says: " While ago my close family member died  ... And even in case of death i had to pay a lot bills.. Around 30 thousand for medical examiner and all other expenses .. So Insurance saved me .. If i would not have it , i might be still paying bills today .. "

A .. ( Female - German ) says : " yes i do have insurance ,  I have done some claims . And if you do your claim right then there is no problem "

N.. (Female - Vietnam ) says : " I got my ravel insurance year ago .. And i still have not done any claim .. My mom got insurance the same time and she is going to hospital from time to time .. They cover 75 % of her expenses  ... And only 25 % is left for her to pay .. Thats a good deal ..."

 So at the end of all opinions i do realize that insurance is a must ... For sure .. 

Plus i am reading extra information on DAN insurance  ...  It covers Padi pro`s .. Or just sports diver s.. I had question brought up : is DAN covering non-diving related emergencies .. ???

Here is your answer ...  "Only the DAN Pro Gold level will cover you for non-diving related accidents and emergencies for the full 365 days of your policy. The lower levels will only cover non-diving related accidents and emergencies for up to 90 days per journey and a maximum of 120 days per year." ( read full post )

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