As you already - for sure know i am foreigner and English is not my first language  and the point why i am saying this is that i have been living abroad for a while now and decided to share living in Ireland experience .Here is a small look into basic info .

  • Why move? 

Hmm a lot of reasons , in some countries - with lower wages , people are struggling to pay their bills and are looking for other options .and crises in EU

  • Flights ? 

If you live in EU

then Ryanair  is the cheapest for sure   and Irish airline Aerlingus  is very help-full too .

  • What should you take ?

If you are moving for good then i think there is no point of taking 5 big baggage  bags and then going mad of getting them to final destination .Just pack necessary  things and go . Will be easier travel and less stress . And remember to carry your ID and get insurances !

  • Living in Ireland ( apartment / house / location )?

Ok where to live is very important question . first you have a choice Apartment or house . I`d say apartment . In here all house usually are cold  . regular house would be 3 bedroom . House are rarely decorated with something else except white  everywhere . You have one radiator in each room (Lucky if central heating is working ) .All older houses are with carpets. Houses have very thin walls so if you are in your room watching movie , that's just a matter of time that neighbor will complaint .Shower normally have small air heater ( takes around 10 minutes to warm up ) and shower have to switched on before ( as it takes time too ).

Main reason why i go for apartments is that they are in big complexes and you have very secure areas . They are more warmer and rooms are bigger . Bills come usually cheaper . 

  • Location - bit outside of central areas is the best . Online site where to look for place is daft .ie

  • Living in Ireland ( household expenses )

As i see a lot of foreigners thing that in here they will get 1000 on hand easy and can safe millions in year , but their bubble is burst  when they meet reality . 

Renting a room expenses : 

  • rent 250-400 a month sometimes payable 1/4 every week . + when you move in  deposit is required ( the same amount as month rent )
  • electricity : quite expensive . if you share you would get bill every 2 months and divide by people living in place  would be around 50 euro minimum in winter months even more - depending on place and people who uses heater a lot .
  • water : there is no bill . ( In some countries there is water bill too )
  • bin charges : depends of place  could be 10 a month . 
  • Gas : the same as electricity 
  • shared house supplies : depends of agreement between other tenants.
  • food expenses : I just felt like listing few items here  . milk - 1.50,  bread 1.40 .  pack of rice  around 2.00 , cookies - from 1.50 .

  • Jobs ?

To get job in Here is not that bad . You just write up your CV and the best is to walk around and talk with people and live contact details .(That is of course for not major profession work )

Job salary is around 8.75 everywhere some places they pay 9 or you can get some bonuses . And you get paid every week (Normally on Friday )

Online job search sites : and

  • Needed paperwork ?

Major thing is PPS number , insurance , register witt revenue to be clear about your taxes and others depends of person .

  • Medical services ?

If you don't have Family doctor registered and no medical cards and things like that - you have to pay 60 euro for each visit to doctor at you local health center .not including any prescription medical supplies .

  • Parties?

hmm This will be different for everyone , but more or less there pubs everywhere they are open from afternoon till 3 am maximum . In day time they usually show matches ( rugby , football , american football some and others .)On big games you cant walk thought pub - its so damn full in day time . 

In there are offered pints of all kinds of beer , bottles and stronger drinks too .

pints and bottle cost around 5 euro each . coca - 2.50 . strong spirit from 4.00

  • other good info is in citizens information  .  

  • Transportation ?

Mostly people would walk or use cars , but there is some people that  use bicycle ( Only down side is that it it very windy ) , very rare scooter ( Mostly pizza delivery guy`s) .

Public transport is good . Buss stops are everywhere in bigger ones you have " Tv`s " showing how many minutes left till next bus and  on all buss stops is bus info . + bus stops and mostly with roof and if it is raining ( Its happening a lot ) you are saved . Tickets around 2,5 euro one way . Other transport is Luas . Goes in Dublin (in south-side and north-side) all together 2 lines . Best way to move in Dublin for sure . No It would be similar as tramway , just faster and more comfortable . tickets is very easy to buy at Luas stop - cost around 2 euro one way  . Then there is dart (train ) services . They would be more expensive and would go everywhere . So transportation is ok !

  • Weather ?

Ok... Dear Traveler ... IF YOU ARE ADDICTED TO SUN - PLEASE RECONSIDER COMING TO IRELAND  . Because , in Ireland its mostly raining , and it is cloudy , sun comes out rare and even then for limited time . Even when forecast say`s that its 17 degrees .. It does not mean a lot , because when wind from seaside comes along - you can  not feel any sunshine warmth .

But at the end of the day you have see it all for yourself ... 

PS.- (If you smoke ) cigarette packet (20 cigarettes inside ) cost 9,20 euro . 

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