Seems thats its been long time since i posted any experiences , wonders , surprises and excitements in my life , but now seems like a good time . Today i was wondering ... How can stranger leave impact on each person`s  life . How you ever thought about it ? Yesterday in late evening i was already in bed . House was so quite that i could hear bird`s outside window . i closed my eyes and started drifting away as suddenly phone text message signal interrupted . Letters on phone screen suggested that there is some fun going on in city this night . At first i was not really up for it , but then as i started to get some glimpses of possible dreams i open my eyes again and decided to dress up and head to destination where message 

came from . This time it was friend work place . i grabbed bus and could not wait for it to be at my final stop .. Listening to usual beats on radio i looked out window and happily moved my leg in pulse of beat . bus driver pulled at stop . I gladly walked out of bus and head to pub . On the way i passed this tiny art gallery, as outside was already dar,k inside was Cleary visible from my position . There was an artist sitting on chair in front his art work . He was just putting finishing touches . Peace was beautiful . It was in black and white colours and had its own charm . I loved it and idea of painting in art gallery where there is so much ideas and inspiration . I walked inside ( just could not pass such thing) . I stayed a little while , had chat with artist  , looked around , share my opinion and collected some ideas !  then off to real destination !

  I was in pub in next ten minutes . There was no doorman or anyone who made clear that i would have  to pay anything .  I walked upstairs there small crown at main door . I did not really know who are they or what are they doing ,i just passed them . I could see Kate ( Name changed ) across the room behind bar .she looked a bit tired . Seemed that she had really overworked for last few weeks her dark hair was just in quick fix at the back and sides was open .She was wearing jeans and grey jacket on top of t-shirt , that suggested that bar was not that busy and could be cold . she gave me warm welcome with smile and i slowly passed stage and went to her .. show was on for a while already and first half finished soon.. after an hour i had already 3d beer and i was excited to enjoy show and  exchange newest gossip with  kate at the same time . i was standing by bar facing stage straight in front of me . few people came by to grab new rounds of drinks , but that was it . Room was intimate . dark curtains all around . main colours in black and red . all together in room was around 30 people  and they all really interacted with comedian  . i enjoyed it 11 pm last show came on  . In show was 3 guys and had actual performance set up . they did not just talk , but made act ! Soon they were done too ..

   I had 3d beer already and place was empty . I sat down on stage as Kate was cleaning up place . At the time then Kate’s friend Larry ( Name changed ) came along . He seemed bored and confused, kept looking around and try to find someone or something . to pass time we talked  about unimportant thing and that was it . He invited me to join him and others comedians for pint . At first i wasn’t sure , but then he convinced me . Kate had a lot work to do still – and she stayed at work . we just kept moving to next place .  I really liked Larry`s choice of next point . We were the in 10 minutes . Doorman`s looked tired, two of them to be exact to be clear  .. Place looked crowded at first , but later on as we walked more inside it was empty . we both looked around for his friend but they were nowhere to be found . he just kept texting them .we grabbed drinks and sat down . started conversation . This was odd . I did not really know Larry and he didn`t know me .. I was trying to keep conversation  for while but after hour we both gave up and decided to go home .as he was not drinking all night he could drive . He dropped me off home and exchanged numbers .

  After 5 short minutes i was in house .At moment when i was brushing my teeth i though . How big impact can stranger make in your life . what if i would never met Larry... 

 I have learned a lot from this tiny, enjoyable  meeting between two strangers . And for sure i will repeat it !

PS.- I did , 2 days after that evening ... New discoveries came along ...

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