Your stay in Philippines is nothing without a tricycle ! Tricycle in Philippines is a must ! I have been staying in urban area in Philippines and this morning as my usual morning routine i was going to town by normal public transport in Philippines .To be exact in Boracay .

   First try out regular Filipino food on the side of the road and then go on the side of the road and take on of the tricycles . 

   Grab a seat anywhere - where you can squeeze yourself in .

   This morning on tricycle is was using was 10 people + driver . So .. 5 persons at the front ( 2 little children , 1 young adult and 2 adults ) .At the back were 4 people- 2 ladies , 1 man and me .And 1 person behind the driver ! So as i said - 10 + driver in total . I guess this answers the question : Maximum Tricycle Capacity .

   Prices are different - depending from distance you go . I paid 25p . Halt of the Euro ! 

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