I visited sami only for one day , but this place is definitively MUST SEE ! There is 2 major tourist attractions number one would be Mellissani cave and , number 2 would be Drogaratti cave . These places are one of the kind !!! And is really worth visiting ..And lets not forget city to...

So i starting my trip in morning from Kefalonia harbour , which i arrived to ! From there lille bit up from from harbor is bus station , unfortunately , bus is passing by rare (Even in high season ) . So if you miss one , then you might wait long for other ! So i got one from there to Argostoli. From Argostoli bus to Sami was in few hours , so i decided to walk around a little  bit and see what city have to offer .. So i noticed that most of the tourist attractions was closed , because it was rainy day in this September . I walked around and found book / gift shop . !I walked inside and found lots and lots of handmade gifts, had chat with owner and he invited me to sit down for cup of tea . And i ended up sitting for 3 hours in his shop and purchasing some amazing gifts ! From there i had bus to Sami  . It was amazing ride !! Bus was so up in mountains that i felt like i could   be sitting on a cloud ! I got in Sami and straight went to hunt hotel , because normally i dont book it in advance . So i found this hotel ,guest house ! I this this was homiest room ever !! Balcony space , room , bathroom , hotel owners got for me discount taxi !  Atmosphere in Mellisani hotel was amazing , my room felt like i could just move in there and live !And Balcony area .. Just lovely and price ( 30 Euro ) it was good price for me !!! I checked room out and then went out and rented scooter ! 

First i got to Drogarati cave , which is located around 5 minutes away by scooter ! Entry fee was small ( i think was 7 euro , if i remember right ) and then you can walk in there around .. It might be cold so its best to take jacket ! After that i went to Mellisani cave which is lake actually , years ago ground brake in to it and thats how its discovered , and lake is the same all the time , boat man says that its day or night , summer or winter , its stays the same look .. And water is Crystal clear there !They offer diving as-well , i had no time to enjoy some diving. After that i had dinner at local restaurant and walk by the beach and bit of browsing at nearest market ! Prices are avarage there and food is good ! I think Sami could be perfect place for couples ! Its small village with sea on one side and mountains on other , you can always rent a car or scooter and go up the mountain - view of city from mountais is THE best i have ever seen .. Or maybe it was rain + clows + sun between clouds ... But it was amazing .. So that all about Sami in Greece .. Have a great holiday !

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