Travel destination : Europe.

I am from here and i can tell You one thing – we have it all ..In Europe is 44 countries and each one of them offer something different , even speak different language ( If you do not speak local language in country – that can be adventure ).

Travel in Europe transport :

 Planes : visit airline hunter , best place to find lowest airfare

Ships : lots and lots locally price around 50 euro one way between countries

Trains : different  south and east Europe trains are cheap  : for one city to other for around 3 hour  road time cost could be around 12 euro . In west past of Europe trains are much more expensive  one way  ticket for 2 hour road time can be around 30 euro .

Buses : More or less cheap . City buses till 2 euro per ticket , depends on country and county to county buses around 10 euro . If you get return then cheaper . 

Taxis :varies

Safe travel :

In my opinion Europe is safe place to travel , people are very welcome and even if they have no idea what are you saying they will try to help you . In capital cities be more careful .


In all countries someone speaks English .  There are signs and brochures in English . Information points everywhere . And if you feel helpless then just install in your phone Google translator

Where to stay : Hotels, hostels ,B & B or rent apartments if you are planning to stay bit longer.

Weather :  From June till September very warm winters colder in north Europe having snow in south storms and lots of rain .

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