Vietnam - Nha trang is definitively place to visit ! So one step at the time to be ready:

Where is Nha trang ? And how to get there ?

Nha Trang is in Asia (Vietnam) .  Its quite big city located around 7 hours by train away from Saigon . Main international airports are based in Hanoi and Saigon , but there is airport in Nha trang too ! This airport have direct flight from Moskow to Nha trang . If you are flying in to Saigon , then it is no problem to get there, just take train from Saigon central station ( sleep few hours in tiny room ) and you are there ! Train station is in city of Nha Trang , so it is easy to orientate.With in 10 minutes walk you are at beach already !

Whats about visa?

So visa situation is depending of your nationality , some nationalities can apply online for simple visa on arrival (And it really does work , by the way ) You arrive , stand in line , give paperwork to immigration staff and then just sit down and wait for around 20 minutes . Then they will call your name and there will be stamp in passport and only thing you need to do is go trough security and collect your bags ! You can apply online for 3 months visa and lots of different websites ! For further information just look up in google for " Vietnam visa on arrival " .

Languages in Nha Trang ?

Vietnam native language is Vietnamese . Some old generation people might speak some french . People related to tourism industry would be communicating in English and almost everything is translated in to Russian . So there is lots of different languages traveling around .

Currency ?

Local currency is Vietnamese dongs . 1 us dollar is 21000 vnd (depending on exchange rate !  To orientate a bit better :  baguette - around 20000vnd , water 1,5 l -15000 , ice-cream - 30000vnd , dinner at touristy place around 150000vnd including drinks . Prices vary for everything , but overall they average !

What to do ?

There is a lot of activities offered , starting from diving , snorkeling , parasailing , waterski , jetski , wakeboard, boat trips , booze parties and others . You can see lots of travel agent offices around everywhere , so simply pop in and ask and you can find  your newest trip in seconds .

Where to go ?

Mostly i would recommend for everyone to spend every evening in small eateries , where mostly locals are going and enjoy food , al though it might not look convincing , it really is delicious! All food is freshly made and no one is getting sick form it or anything like it ! Vietnamese themselves are eating food , so it is good !!!  Other idea is go to north side of NHa Trang and explore there ! They say its new Vetnam !! Ofcourse dont forget to see BUDA and Tower`s and just chill at the beah for a  while . . Nha trang is lovely !

Over all NHa Trang is a great place to go ! Is interesting , exciting and welcoming !!!

Have a great holiday !!

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