In year 2013 ( By western ) i had chance to spent new years celebration in Vietnam for TET (Vietnamese new year on February 9 evening  to February 10 morning  . All city was decorated ! Flashing lights all around it . It did not feel like typical new year . It was unusual ! In evening at 10 PM i went to main square in Nha Trang , there was stage with dancing dragons on it and after that singers !  Lots of children and adults was looking at stage ! Now these people were celebrating ! There was flashing light toys for sale around and all kinds of foods for sale from locals - to locals ! I stayed until 11PM and then head on to tourist area ! Grabbed my first beer for night in " Why not bar " and simply absorbed atmosphere ! Place was buzzing ! It was usual night in this bar .. Girls with short dresses and guys with or without t-shirts with golden tan were hunting again ! Plan was simple - do not leave alone ! I had corner table and my beer was at half ..when ... fireworks started ..I could not see them from bar so i just stayed the same place and kept looking around ! They lasted around 15 minutes or so and reviews seemed fine ! As i heard from those who were closer.

 So back to the golden tanned guys and girls ! Just in front of me flirt was on ! She was tall blonde , he was dark hair masculine man ! From time to time i saw them around and by the time i went home they were new happy couple ! Over all this bar is buzzing with sex and one night stands ! Ultimate make out spot ! Then in next morning i went to Champ Tower`s . I rented bicycle for 20.000 d for full day and went by river ! Took some photos on way then i got there in around 12 noon . Champ towers was lovely ! New and different (for me ) . There were full with locals who were coming to pray  . So i did not feel like this is my place to take photos or anything like that ! So i sat down in front of one temple and just looked . All people took their shoes off and went inside this dark look a like room and disappeared . In less that 10 minutes they were back out with relief in their faces . After 30 minutes of looking  i decided that i have to see what is inside there . Before i went in i closed my jacked and made is as long as possible - as to cover my legs ( i was wearing shorts ). Took my shoes off and went in ! At first there was something like a  corridor  with Budda symbols on sides then a little more open space  with wooden elephants on sides and bigger statue of Budda in center half covered with flowers . And full with people praying . So i went in and out very quick , just felt uncomfortable  a little . After i walked around towers , stopped by street artist and went away . On the way back i passed river  full with fisherman boats and some people fishing from the bridge ! On the way back i had some food a local place where they made rice pancakes  with shrimp and squid . Very strange flavor , but delicious ! I recommend to try them ! You can see them in different places !

Happy new snake year !

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