So this time i can share some details about my stay in Italy ( Bergamo ) , sadly i stayed there only few days , but  i still managed to enjoy .
And i took few photos on the way . So i arrived late on evening 11 pmMilan Bergamo airport  . Out of plane and straight to the bus . Bus brought us to arrivals point and there was quick security .  Luggage was there in 5 minutes ( Much faster than some other airports ) . Then i head out and there was a lot of stands with bus info and prices that you can straight purchase ticket to your destination . Including Milan central and Bergamo central . So i got my ticket to Bergamo (Price 2 euro ) . Had to wait a while for bus . Bus journey to Bergamo central lasted 15 minutes maximum and stops at train station ( Which is not very secure area (so other say ) ) and then next stop is just in middle of city . Very nice area (On the main street ) So i head to hostel i booked ( Central hostel BG )  . got there in 5 minutes . At reception was very kind Italian female who answered all my questions very clear and even gave her ID card to to go out on street and buy cigarettes ( To buy cigarettes in Italy t night you have to have Italian ID card . So i went out got my smokes + pizza from near by restaurant and can of sprite .  ( Paid all together 8 euro )  Great price .  I took pizza back to hostel and had my dinner . I set up “ wake up “ call at reception and head to room . Next morning i got up at 6 am and later at 7:30 went to breakfast . By 8 i was out in streets . In Bergamo it is very easy to orientate . There is one bug street in the middle and in middle of that street is so called old  city gate . So- not confusing . I got bus to near by city ( ticket costs only 1.20). City is on hill so you can easy see all area around that street ( Beautiful)  Then walked all the way back ( took me around 50 minutes with relaxed walk) and  then by hostel i stopped at “ Gelateria “ ( Italian ice cream shop ) and i got my lovely Cofee/Bacio  ice cream ( you just have to try it )  .Other day i went to Milano and had few hours in city ! Visit was nice , but in few hours only thing i noticed is hat Milano is very expensive .  Then i head back to my lovely hostel and and pack and go. Got bust to airport just around corner form hostel (and ticket can by in hostel – 2 euro)  . So I had great short visit .
Few tips :In shops and restaurants only few people speak English , so just get your translation book with you JThey have some interesting monuments in city ( I did not really get meaning of them , but surely they are not the same as all others )
Please see pictures attached ( if you know meaning feel free to post )I found interesting fact that you can see a lot of older people  ,people wearing suits , and not that much young people in Bergamo It made me wonder – is it a good place for crowd in their 20s ?.
Small kiosks are everywhere with sign “ T” ( you can get there everything starting from drinks, stamps , postcards, souvenirs, cigarettes  and much more ...Architecture is just  beautiful there . I really enjoyed  different looks of buildings .
If you are out in around 10 am in morning – feel free to drop in any church – That`s the time when people are gathering in church . Could be interesting experience ( I enjoyed 10 minutes with everyone together )
Be more careful around train station
By the way in some Italian bathrooms to open tab for water to flow you have to press pedal under the sink , or to flash water in toilet there is black boll like thing to press with you shoe again – lovely!And by the way Central Hostel BG is great  , clean , bright , comfy rooms , internet Wi-Fi and computer with no extra charge ,  phone – no extra charge , nice breakfast , Great staff , smoking area , bar inside , lounge , baggage storage .. I is def worth the money !!That’s all for now !Will keep you updated !

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