So .. Hello readers . A lot earlier when i just started this blog - i started it with my travel notes from Malta holidays , so today i decided to makes these notes more use full with all info i know :

Best time to visit

May till October ( season starts warm and slowly grows into 40 degrees hot weather in mid summer months (July , August ) and then calms down again .)

Airport ?

Malta airport is tiny , with only few people in it . So when you arrive it looks small and empty (depends of flight time a lot )  . Security did not seems to mad on arriving person .

Airport transport ?

As you go out from airport you will see buss stop in front of you . Mainly buses goes to Valletta and from there main bus terminal you can anywhere you need . Bus takes around 30 minutes to get to Valletta and there it stops just next to all other buses , so you don't have to worry  that you would not be able to find next buss . There is a lot information point , but i would not relay on them , i went straight to driver and then got safely to place i need .

Language ?

As Malta was part of United Kingdom - people speak English a lot ,  but they have their own language - Maltese .

Things to see ?

Oh ... Place is just paradise , there is so much to see . Seems that this small island / country is blessed with all of it . And you can pick up info about places to visit everywhere - or even ask locals - they will know places worth visiting . I loved Comino island between Malta and Gozo . Just pure beauty .

More information coming soon !!

PS.- i did not take any of photos used in this post !

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