Ok .. em .. not sure where to start .. ok .. around month ago i heard about this exhibition " working abroad " and decided to join few others and go there . 

It was only 2 days in city - so 1st day (saturday) was already too late . On Sunday morning i was on my way - i got there pretty late, but still on time at start i was around 

corner and few hundred people was in from of me . I was sure that around corner is already reception , but  as they say " close your eyes when your dreaming " .

 Around this corner a saw massive line

of people - to let you know how big was line i attached few photos that you can see ... . Security told all of as at enf of the line that have to wait at least  3 hours to get in .. i waited around an hour and then decided that that this not worth my money . 10 euro entry fee and 3 hours waiting and for what ...?   as far as i know around 12 ,000 people showed up and less then 40 % of all of these people got any job offer or even interview  ... 

as i mentioned earlier i stayed there for hour and in this time i  met people from all around Ireland . some of them drove up to3 hours to get there.. some of them was freezing and standing in rain ..  Each and every one of them had a story ( a fall down in life ) where they pick the point and say - " and then exhibition came along .. seems like a good idea isn`t it ?" 

and a more than a month later i hear all around that people are moving away to Canada and Australia .. And ... there we go nationalities are changing places ..     more or less after my discovery off job situation in IRL i                   was surprised .. did not see that one coming ..

seems that people in here was taking thing pretty quick ... Moving and storage waiting outside ...

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