Yesterday night there was a big party at "Puka" beach .  We were 4 people in the group . We started off by chilling in "Red Pirate " Just at the end of Station 3 .  "Baileys shake" is amazing  . It cost 130 p . But is super delicious ! 

  From there plan was to go home and chill , but then i received text that there is " big party at Puka beach tonight " ..


    So we were trying to make up our mind , and decided to move to "Exit bar " . Its maybe little hard to spot it at first , but its a good place .Its like 4th or 5th building if you walk from Dmall in direction to station 1 . It has the pool table at the back . First few things you can see that there not so many "working girls " And prices are more realistic !But thats not all  - they also some really cool Filipino crowds hanging around ! And .. Yes many many tourists around ! But in a good way ! So we sat there for bit . 


     And then decided that Puka beach is a must ! ..

We went on the street to get one of the trikes . As soon as we walked on the main road they all started offering their one  . One of them offered 150 p for 4 of us , but of course we tried to bargain more .. We walked up the street a bit and got one other trike and he did not bargain much . Straight Jackpot  . 120 p for 4 of us ! Lovely .

  It takes around 20-30 min to get there and beach is away from everything , so .. Wouldn't recommend to get madly drunk as hotel is far away and might be trouble getting back ..


     So we got there around 12ish and the view .. Just breath taking .. It was half empty , but not too empty . Building looks like a big triangle with plastic covers at front rolled up to make it all opened up . On the right side is one bar . on back other one - the same one and on the side is place where you can get food. Food prices are at least double than normal . Drinks not so bad . Bottle beer 80-100 p , rum+coke  100 p , vodka + juice 140 p . Shots are much more . we tried " burning Lamborghini " or something like that .. don't really remember name .  But anyway s  it looks like B52  or Baby Guinness . And they light it up before drinking . Makes sence ?

    Everyone is kinda chilling on the beach ..Some are dancing between the bar counters- as there is big space there . People are mixed , but seems that most f them are working here or been here long time .. New tourist don't really seem to go there much - as its far and mysterious .. 


   Some people bring their own drinks on the beach to warm up and then buy some from bar later. There are bit strange toilets and never  toilet paper , so keep that in mind (for ladies ) 

  Overall place is awesome .. Its fun and interesting .. Everyone is flirting to each other and some people pick others and go at the back of the building and "keep party going " . But no judgement there .. Its a holiday .. 

  And music .. That`s for everyone themselves to decide .. Its something like drum and base/ electric   / pop .. 

    Over all ... Happy .. 

  Important .. Don`t be last one to leave - You might stay with no Trike to use for going home and then you need to walk a while to find someone ..

  And no bargaining for prices there . Its like a taxi stand - take it -or leave ! 150p - what we paid .

  And opening hours are good - music was still pumping at 4.30 am .. and we left then .. i guess its until sun rises ! 


 Have fun in Puka beach at night ! Look for promo staff to find out when its there - they are all around the beach to inform you when and where is the next big thing! 

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