Christmas art 

" Dear Santa , I have been good this year ..."


" Should you have to pay to join Charity ? ..."

The Dark tourist " By Dom Joly 

"This book is brilliant ..."

Diving in Sicily - Italy

" mmm .. Diving ... " 

Year 2011 .. This year just have been average .. I did not travel that much and i wrote nothing travel related and i was reading  .. Sad , sad , sad... But i kept my mind busy .. So !!! So far so good ..  

  I discovered that i charities do charge  fee to volunteers , gays have their own happiness formula ... 
  I tried  to fix my sleeping problem (more like waking up on time )and got obsessed with Christmas ..


 How to avoid being late ?

" I was late again .. "

 And what about gays ??

" So at the end of the day - are gays happier ??"

Travel destination - Europe

"Start planning your trip today ..."

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